Condor XR1S 6U VPX

SOSA-aligned 6U VPX Graphics & GPGPU Output Card with Dual NVIDIA Turing GPU with front I/O.

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The Condor XR1S 6U VPX is a SOSA-aligned high-performance computing & GPGPU OpenVPX card that hosts dual GPUs based on the NVIDIA Quadro RTX architecture. The Condor XR1S 6U VPX is based on the NVIDIA® Turing™ architecture using either the NVIDIA RTX5000™ platform or NVIDIA RTX3000™ platform, offering exceptional graphics and GPGPU compute capability with CUDA® support, AI, and deep learning.


  • Military
  • Avionics
  • Surveillance
  • UAV
  • Naval
  • ISR
  • Embedded Systems


  The XR1S 6U OpenVPX offers four front I/O DisplayPort++ video outputs and is designed to the SOSA-aligned profile: SLT6-PAY-4F2Q1H4U1T1S1S1TU2U2T1H-10.6.4. This product is available in MIL-STD air-cooled formats and supports PCI Express Gen 3.0 (16, 8, or 4 lane).

  With dual GPU computing, the card is ideal for Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR), Electronic Warfare (EW), Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Signal Intelligence (SIG-INT), Degraded Visual Environments (DVE), and Data Science applications.

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