AI for Quality Inspection

AI for Quality Inspection

Reduce errors and risks, lower costs, and automate manual tasks with AI solutions for end-to-end quality inspection

  • Automate or add decision-support to error-prone human inspection tasks
  • Intuitive “no code” algorithm development and seamless deployment
  • Add advanced AI capabilities to existing automated inspection applications

Make Errors Obvious to Operators

Intuitive system guides operators through manufacturing processes, including work-in-progress, finished product, and work instructions, and visually highlights errors and deviations. Improve end-to-end product quality, speed inspection rates, and provide more qualitative product evaluation to ensure manufacturing processes are repeatable and traceable.

Pre-Loaded Inspection


To speed deployment, the system includes inspection plug-ins that are easily trained on your unique data to automatically identify product differences and enable traceability processes. For custom requirements and workflows, eBUS AI Studio™ lets anyone design inspection plug-ins with drag-and-drop ease or work directly with Pleora’s application engineering team to develop your solution.

Fully Integrated, Seamless Deployment

Compact system includes camera and adjustable mounting, pre-loaded and quickly trainable inspection plug-ins, and display monitor. Integrate with existing processes, design your own plug-ins in eBUS AI Studio, and share digital inspection data with your other business processes.

How to Improve Manual Inspection

Easily train and deploy AI and machine vision capabilities to identify product differences and improve product traceability

Pleora Technologies
Simplifies the deployment of advanced machine learning AI capabilities
Pleora Technologies
Pleora Technologies
Simplifies the deployment of advanced machine learning AI capabilities



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