Rugged Networking and AI

Rugged Networking and AI

Deploy automated and rapid decision-making for imaging systems operating in harsh environments with scalable networking that acquires and processes multi-sensor data

  • Multi-sensor networking makes data accessible to processors and displays for manned and unmanned systems
  • Build intelligent digital systems with AI capabilities to provide the earliest risk awareness
  • Proven in local situational awareness, driver enhancement, and C4ISR systems for defense and industrial applications
Solving Real-Time Sensor Networking Challenges

The RuggedCONNECT™ Smart Video Switcher is a highly integrated standalone device that acquires, processes, and displays real-time video sensor data for systems operating in harsh environments. Powerful processing enables the deployment of advanced machine learning capabilities to further increase intelligence and awareness for end-users.

Standards-Based Sensor Networking for LSA and C4ISR

Design networked, open standard, interoperable video management systems that stream low latency GigE Vision and Def Stan 00-082 compliant video over Ethernet to multiple end-points. Unify different sensors and displays, switching, and processing. Dual Ethernet capability provides unmatched system level redundancy capability.

Flexibility for SWaP-C Sensitive and Unmanned Systems

Configurable architecture supports standard and custom sensor and display interfaces, with flexible enclosure sizes to meet footprint requirements for manned and unmanned systems. Full scalability to support future multi-domain demands.

AI for Advanced Awareness

Fully integrated sensor networking platform makes sensor data accessible to automated AI tools that generate usable information for humans and machines to support rapid decision making while reducing cognitive burden.

Pleora Technologies
Pleora Technologies
Simplifies the deployment of advanced machine learning AI capabilities



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