VPX Integration

Typical Integration for 3U VPX in 3/4 ATR chassis to provide high performance computing
Key Characteristics and Features

Box size: 7.50" by 15.50" by 7.62"

Chromate conversion per MIL-C-5541 on all internal and chassis mating surfaces

MIL-A-8625 Black Andoization on all external surfaces. Other paint options available

Customisation for Edge Card I/O available, with 38999 connectors soldered directly

- Optional replaceable battery to hold up SBC RTC.

- Power connector can be cabled to a locking connector depending on power requirement demands

Typical Max Total System Power - 650W

Typical Max Power per Individual Slot - 100W

Thermal Features include:

- 8 fans with adjustable speed
- 20 fins per side wall
- Plenum designed for smooth air flow transition from fins to fans
- Fan wiring routed into chassis
- Removable rear panel (not shown) to access fans



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