Embention develops components and critical systems for drones and eVTOL. Founded in 2007, Embention started its activity with the development of autonomous aerial forest firefighting systems. After winning several innovation awards, Embention focused its activity in the UAV and UAM industry.

In the past years, Embention has rapidly climbed positions in the ranking of the main high-tech companies in the UAV and UAM sector, reaching achievements that were hard to imagine at first. Find out more about our journey, where we came from and where we are going.

Our Values

We work daily to ENABLE DRONES TO POPULATE OUR SKIES. At Embention we believe in innovation and technological excellence as a differential factor. Some of our core values are:

  • Strict validation & verification processes ensure the high quality in our products.
  • Continuous innovation and R&D policies to maintain our products as the state of the art.
  • Safety assurance according to DO160, DO178 / ED-12, DO254, STANAG 4703 & 4586 aircraft standards.
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The Veronte Motor Controller MC110 has been specifically designed for all types of ground, sea and air vehicles. MC11O v2.0 is the perfect solution for high-demanding operations providing exceptional levels of safety...
PCS Pole Embedded Veronte Autopilot Advanced GNSS Antenna Expansion Bay Long Endurance Battery 3m Mast Included
Veronte Tracker T28 Pan & tilt precise positioning, Configurable height tripod, Detachable & easy to carry, Yagi, patch & parabolic antennas, Integrated directional y omnidirectional antenna.



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