Working across the entire battle space, ISTEC have designed and supplied various weapon and sight ancillaries to increase the capability of the user.

From lifesaving training aids, such as Safe Blank Firing Systems (e.g. for Steyr or C7), to weapon enhancements, such as tactical rail handguards (e.g. for GPMG or Minimi), our engineers can help design a solution for most of your programme’s needs.

Below is a selection of ISTEC ancillaries that have been supplied and are in service.

Should your programme need an ancillary solution, please contact us to see how we can assist in designing and providing the capability you need.

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ISTEC Services
The Safe Blank Firing Attachment (SBFA) is designed for use with the OEM flash hider as fitted to the Steyr AUG assault rifle.
ISTEC Services
The improved T&E mechanism is designed to be used on a tripod, giving both rapid and fine adjustment to the parent weapon.
ISTEC Services
The triple Picatinny hand-guard is a lightweight, high strength product that shrouds and clamps to the gas tube.
ISTEC Services
The Laser Warning System (LWS) is designed to detect the direction of a laser radiation, such as those emanating from single pulse lasers (range finders) or multiple pulse systems (designators).



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